Management Collection

Manage Workplace Health and Safety

manage workEmployers, managers, team leaders and supervisors need to understand their rights and responsibilities under the Work Health and Safety Act. This course covers the knowledge and skills required to implement and monitor an organisation's health and safety policies, procedures and programs. Aligned to Monitor a Safe Workplace BSBOHS407A.

Provide Coaching and Motivation

provide coaachingThis course covers the skills and knowledge required to provide on-the-job coaching or mentoring to clients or colleagues. It covers all aspects of successful workplace coaching including the role of a coach, adult learning principles, identifying coaching needs and more. Aligned to Provide Coaching and Motivation CHCORG529B.

Customer Service Strategies

customer serviceThis course is about customer service and the role of managers to ensure that products and services are delivered and maintained to standards agreed by the organisation and the customer. Aligned to Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies BSBCUS401A.

Effective Workplace Relationships

effective workplaceThis course explores the way Managers play an important role in developing and maintaining positive relationships in the workplace with their team, their peers and their own managers as well as customers and suppliers. It helps participants plan and deliver effective communication, which both informs and persuades and is truly two-way communication involving effective listening, interpretation of body language and people skills. This course is excellent for developing the people skills, which are a cornerstone for effective people management. Aligned to Establish Effective Workplace Relationships BSBWOR401A.

Professional Development

professionaldevelopmentThis course focuses on the need for managers to be organised, focussed and skilled, in order to effectively manage the work of others. As such it is an important course for most managers, particularly as managers serve as role models and have a significant influence on the work culture and patterns of behaviour. Aligned to Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development BSBWOR501B.

Workplace Learning

developteamsWorkplace learning is about developing individuals and teams in your workplace so they can work to their full potential. This course examines how to conduct a training needs analysis, how to bring out the best in team members and also how to evaluate the effectiveness of workplace learning. Aligned to Develop teams and individuals BSBLED401A.

Continuous Improvement

continuous improvementThis course is about continuous improvement and the active role of managers to manage continuous improvement processes in achieving the organisations quality objectives. Your position closely associated with the creation and delivery of products and services, means that you play an important part in influencing the on-going development of the organisation. Aligned to Implement continuous improvement BSBMGT403A.

Show Leadership

leadershipThis course explores the essential qualities of successful workplace leaders, and the skills and knowledge they can develop to influence teams positively. From the focus of effective goal setting and decision-making the course provides strategies to optimise leverage and to empower your people. Practical models for effective decision making provide valuable leadership tools. An extremely valuable and stimulating course for anyone in a leadership role, whether experienced or moving into the role. Aligned to Show leadership in the workplace BSBMGT401A.

Delivering Successful Presentations

make a presentationThis course applies to individuals who may be expected to make presentations for a range of purposes, such as marketing, training, promotions, etc. They contribute well developed communication skills in presenting a range of concepts and ideas.  Aligned to Make a Presentation BSBCMM401A.

Project Management

manage projectsThe skills to manage projects are crucial for anyone who is leading or playing a key role in a project in an organisation. It is essential to be able to plan, implement and monitor a project through its various stages. This course enables participants to understand the fundamentals of project management and to identify the key actions they must take at each stage of a project to manage it in the most effective way. Aligned to Manage Projects BSBPMG501A.

Promote Team Effectiveness

promote team effectivenessIn this course you will learn about team effectiveness and the vital role of a manager to effectively plan team performance, develop and facilitate team cohesion, facilitate team work and liaise with stakeholders. Aligned to Promote Team Effectiveness BSBWOR402A.

Operational Plans

operational planThis course is about business planning and the active work of managers to plan, implement, monitor and record performance to achieve business plans of the team/organisation. This pivotal role is carried out to create safe, efficient and effective services and products to customer satisfaction within your organisation productivity and profitability plans. Aligned to Implement operational plan BSBMGT402A.

Work Priorities

prioritiesThis course is about personal management and professional development. It is about managing your own performance, work priorities and time and also taking responsibility for your own professional development within the context of the organisation. Aligned to Develop work priorities BSBWOR404A.