We publish your course with a single click to multiple formats, IPADS, PCs, MACs to distribute on the web, as a link or SCORM compliant via our LMS LearnFlex, your company’s LMS or Articulate Online..


As a Registered Training Organisation, we recognise the importance of aligning elearning resources to adult learning principles. Many of our designers and developers are also qualified in adult education, to ensure compliance to the Australian Quality Training Framework which is explicit in everything we do. For more information on how to apply adult learning principles in eLearning read our white paper here.


Instructional methods and techniques are used creatively to develop an engaging and motivating learning experience .


Professional Voice Talent

Choose from our diverse team of voice talent to give your courses the polish they deserve.

Learner Centred

We create eLearning that is relevant and specific to learners’ needs, roles and responsibilities in professional life.


Frequent learner interaction is included to sustain attention and promote learning .


Courses are intuitive to reflect learners’ interests and needs; they follow the learners’ progress and performance individually.


We segment the learning to facilitate assimilation of new knowledge and to allow flexible scheduling of time for learning


B Online Learning designs and develops eLearning resources to address your compliance training, company induction, business event, competitive development, product update or other business need.

We have years of experience using many of the common authoring tools. We are experts in content development using Articulate Studio and Articulate Storyline – everyones favourite tools for eLearning authoring.

A Rapid Approach That Doesn’t Compromise Quality That Saves Time and Money

We follow an iterative design process. Changes are easiest and less expensive to implement in the earliest stages of development. The effect of reducing sub-steps and iteration is a reduction in time and cost.  This approach also enables us to leverage on lessons learned, and therefore to continuously improve the process.

We believe that building eLearning requires the involvement of a team of eLearning professionals combined with subject matter experts to validate engaging interactivity through rapid, design processes. Our design concepts allow stakeholders to experience and review the design, interactivity and overall performance of the eLearning resource in a dynamic environment, live!

We work closely with our clients with open and regular communication to elicit their requirements - on budget and on time. Articulate tools allow our clients to easily make changes to the content if they desire, to ensure currency.

The Development Process

  • Stage 1: Define
  • Stage 2: Design
  • Stage 3: Develop
  • Stage 4: Deliver

elearning definitionEvery project is defined by a scope of work that has been agreed between the client and B Online Learning.

At the start of the project, the definition is confirmed by the B Online Learning Project Manager and the Client Representative which will include branding requirements, content, audience, any constraints for learning (e.g. literacy considerations, WCAG), key measurable outcomes and overall options for the instructional strategy.

Our Project Manager allocates suitable members of the project team. Skills and experience of our team include: instructional designers, eLearning developers, Articulate Certified Trainers, adult educators, graphic designers, programmers, web developers and designers, business analysts, professional audio talents for narration.

Our process is integrated with open client communication channels and key milestone points to assist with the development of quality eLearning in a cost efficient way.

developThis stage is largely dedicated to building a design concept to match the client's requirements.

Our creative team get to work on a design concept focusing on your corporate branding and topic. We complete a “Specifications” template with you to ascertain the required features, functionality and navigation for the course.

We draw on years of extensive experience from designing, developing eLearning and also delivering it through our RTO. We continually offer suggestions and solutions to ensure we meet the learning objectives with no surprises.

When we have gathered all of the information we need from you, and before we leave this stage, we get your sign off on the design concept to ensure we are on the right track!


The fun part. We get down to developing your project. The BOL Project Team are in full swing. Design ideas are created very quickly in the chosen Articulate software.

Your course is coming to life with its inspiring screens, interactive elements, engaging activities and memorable scenarios. The question bank is being developed with a creative mixture of question types: drag and drop, multiple choice, multiple response, sequencing, hotspots. Any custom interactions and animations are being identified and mapped out for your consideration.

We are drawing to the end of the first build of the course… and guess what? You get to see a live, working version! You complete a review using our “Review” template and offer extensive feedback on our progress. What you love we keep, what you don’t love we adjust, until you're happy!

You get your second review of the course and normally there are still some tweaks, someone in Legal hasn’t seen it yet, so we make the changes. You see the third version and you are ecstatic. We are ready to roll.


This step integrates your eLearning into the delivery strategy. There were various delivery options presented and discussed in the define stage - whether you are delivering via LearnFlex LMS or your own LMS, mobile, a web link, the intranet - you have decided what your delivery approach will be.

If you are using LearnFlex, our LMS, then we simply upload and test the course in your environment for you. Our learning management system team have been working with you to set up your environment whilst we have been developing the course. And there won’t be any technical issues as we deliver the courses ourselves using the same tools, so no surprises! 

If you already have your own LMS, we chat to your IT team and adjust our publish settings to suit your LMS. Then send you the SCORM, XAPI (formerly TinCan) or AICC LMS file to upload to your system.

There may be some tweaks required after you get your feedback in from your learners. We make the changes, then release the final version. After sign off we provide you with ALL the source files. If you choose to maintain the course yourself, all you need is a Articulate licence and as the exclusive Certified Articulate Training Provider we can tailor a training workshop to suit you. In fact we can bundle the software and training together to save you cost.


We provide discounts when you bundle different products and services together. Whether it be Articulate software licences and Certified training or LMS and content development, we can provide a solution to suit you.

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B Online Learning provide our clients with ALL source files to maintain the content we build for them in house. This also assists them in developing new courses in the future. Many clients choose us because we don’t lock clients in. By using Articulate you always have freedom to move and full control of your content and IP.


As the Exclusive Certified Articulate Training Provider in Australia & New Zealand, our clients have the option to purchase their own Articulate Storyline licence and participate in our training program to learn the tool themselves.

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